February, 2015

Dear Balanced Heart Mission:

RE: Auum Essential D3A  Sublingual Omega 3 Supplement

I have been taking Auum Omega 3 Essential D3A (Sublingual) now for three years. Although I have never sought a formal diagnosis, I identify myself as high functioning autistic. Fifty-five years ago, when I was born, it was known that I was different right from the beginning. After spending just a small amount of time with me, no one questions the truth of my statement.

I was introduced to Auum Omega 3 products many years ago and didn’t even bother to try it. It was only when I heard about the results that kids with autism were getting when taking the Auum Essential D3A that I finally decided that I should try it. Maybe it would help me too. Immediately, my thought processes were clearer. Thinking became lateral, moving logically forward instead of in circles. I was able to clearly express my goals to others, instead of expecting them to just trust that I knew what I was doing and where I was going. I have since designed, pitched and launched the ZONED Comic book program and produced the first comic in partnership with Marvel Entertainment. This type of accomplishment is not new for me. However, previously my projects always seemed to become very complicated. This time, I had the patience and quietness that helped me to be on top of the details. This has made this project much easier. I can clearly identify how to proceed in the most efficient manner, while doing the best job possible.

Auum Essential D3A has finally allowed me to function in the world at a different level.
My sleep has also improved so much. My brain is able to shut down and I get a peaceful and restful sleep. My husband appreciates this aspect as well, as I am no longer disturbing his sleep by my thrashing and conversing in my sleep. I awake rested and ready for my day.

Some products become meaningful and create value in our lives beyond their utility. They change how we feel or what we believe about ourselves, when we use them. There are already brands in your life that there are no substitutes for; they might include names like Starbucks, Lululemon, Apple, Nike, Disney. For me, the clarity of thought, problem solving with a brain now functioning in a peaceful, calm manner, puts Auum Essential D3A on my list of a product that there is no substitute for.

I also want to take a moment and mention the Aha moments, that Auum Essential D3A has offered me. For instance, walking without shoes and socks on. Previously, when my feet were on the floor, whatever floor – tile, wood, cement or grass, shoes and socks were mandatory. Today, I am able to jump out of bed and in my bare feet, walk to the kitchen, and get the coffee started. Big deal to you? Maybe not. A simple pleasure for me that is wondrous. Absolutely.

Do I recommend you try Auum Omega 3 Essential D3A (Sublingual)? Simply put. Yes, I do.

Susan Jamieson, Managing Director, GREENZONE™ Movement Inc.
www.facebook.com/greenzoned – – the winner of the 2014 ZONED Comic Contest – John
Jeffery, Durham Alternative Secondary School

My daughter has greatly benefited from diligently taking Auum oil. She has progressively had improvements to her skin, hair and nails. Acne and arm skin rashes have totally disappeared. Her diagnosis of ADD shows no signs. She has not had any medications, vitamins (except for iron and calcium combo) or a balanced diet in her 2 yrs. of taking the oils. Ordinarily teenagers struggle with steady improvements (or worsen in these areas), at least that is my experience as a parent and child educator. Her focus and concentration have improved dramatically with grades going from D’s and F’s to A’s!

She has been much less “moody” and anxious to the point where she is such a pleasure to be around for most of the time. Another huge improvement is her resistances to viruses, bacteria and other infections. Her immune system is such that 4-6 colds per year has been reduced to 0 within 3 months of taking the oil. Auum-azing!

Thanks Auum. E.N.