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THE BIRTH OF A MISSION – Helping Children Everywhere Reach their Potential

By Lillie Hughes, Director, The Balanced Heart Mission

Suffice to say, as an infant, I was damaged by pharmaceutical drugs. As a result, I started early in life to search for natural whole food alternatives for health not only for myself but also for friends, my family and pets.

Starting in the early 1980’s, when searching for solutions for my dog’s health, I came across PUFAs and shortly afterwards the term surfaced in connection with ADD/ADHD. However, search as I may I did not find the kind of omegas that really worked. I used fish liver oil supplements for my children and grandchildren from birth, until in 2006, I was introduced to mammalian sourced omegas and immediately understood that the bioavailability would make the critical difference. Upon using it for my dog and also my four grandchildren on a daily basis, I noticed huge health improvements on many different issues. I gave to it a child that had major emotional meltdowns and behavioural issues and was excited to see that the turnaround time could be reduced from up to an hour, to just 1-2 minutes. Her attitude would turn from anger to a positive and loving one and immediate compliance.

The problem … her mom simply could not afford the oil for her daughter, although she acknowledged the huge benefits.

The solution … I gave her the oil for her daughter from my own stock.

Seeing children happy is a wonderful thing! I soon realized that watching children struggle with behavioural problems, attention deficits and learning disabilities was not something we have to accept. We can help these children and families have a better quality of life and to reach their personal potentials… Happy functioning families!

In conversation with Rj, the president and founder of Auum, the Balanced Heart Mission was born. He became the benefactor to these children.

The BHM started providing product to parents who couldn’t afford it for their children, just so that they could have a little peace in their lives, but … their children became happy and were able to attend school drug free and enjoy learning.

I was contacted by a mom with an autistic child who spends much time doing research and helping to support her Somali community who have an exceptionally high incidence of autism everywhere they emigrate. I had provided her with Auum oil many months previously. She had decided that the Auum omegas were the best omegas providing what these kids with autism required.

The Balanced Heart Mission stepped up to provide Auum oil to these kids.

The most significant results of the intervention were sleeping through the night without meds in a matter of days, calmed hyperactive behaviour, improved socialization to the point of calming another autistic child who was frustrated, anger changed into happiness, stubborn moods turned into cooperation with immediate compliance, reduced stimming, singing and smiling, and then … SPONTANEOUS SPEECH! Single words first, became phrases, single sentences and then multiple sentences.

Some of them are writing their names for the first time at age 11. Many kids 9-15 years of age attained first time achievements. Their parents were delighted to get a hug when they pick their child up from school, to see their child hug their sister or brother or call their name or grab their hand and pull them to play, when they’ve always played alone. Children were able to slow down, smile, concentrate and focus with a view to actually learn at school. Each child’s progress is unique, but each child DID progress.

The Balanced Heart Mission is will continue to change the lives of children in a positive way and by extension the lives of their families and others around them. With the continued cooperation of Auum for which the BHM is ever so grateful, and the belief and determination of the moms, we will continue “help children everywhere reach their potential”. Supporting the BHM means the end of a struggle and a new beginning for children everywhere.

Spread the word

Do you know a child that could benefit from the Balanced Heart Mission?

The Balanced Heart Mission invites you to share the joy of helping a family by recommending a family!

We are also looking for venues where we can share our information about the healing benefits of Auum Omega 3 Sublingual-D and D3A for all children with special gifts. If you host a support group, own a health centre, or simply wish us to come to your home or town, please let us know and we will do our best to come out to you.

Our programs are there to help families and their children to reach their fullest potential. And we need your help to reach out to those who need it most.

Please contact us to book your next guest speaker or event topic.

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Auum 4 Autism

Thanks to Auum, the Balanced Heart Mission ensures that Autistic children are provided with either Sublingual-D or D3A.

We are looking to help as many children labeled with Autism to see the direct benefits of supplementing with Auum Sublingual-D or D3A by having first-hand results while taking the product. Simply by filling in a questionnaire and agreeing to participate in a follow-up after 3 weeks, the Balanced Heart Mission will provide your Autistic child with a bottle of Sublingual-D or D3A free of charge.

For the parents who want the product as well (which we highly recommend), they can sign up for the regular MMP prices by contacting us at the Balanced Heart Mission.

Our Mission

The Balanced Heart Mission
“The Balanced Heart Mission helps kids”

Today’s children are being diagnosed with Attention Deficit (Hyperactivity) Disorder at alarming rates. Likewise diagnosis of Autism diagnoses is rapidly growing and is now estimated at 1 in every 88 children.

We acknowledge that caring for such children can often impact the entire family both in a financial way as well as being a constant energy drain including sleep depravation that affects the overall family dynamics. Many of these parents face the dilemma of keeping their children in school without the use of prescription drugs.

Extreme financial limitations restrict parents, often single moms, in their choices to provide for the special needs of these gifted children.

The Balanced Heart Mission reaches out to such children to provide them with Auum Omega 3 supplements at a subsidized rate or even at no cost (if their situation warrants). Auum4Autism is one such program now in place.

A limited number of applications for these programs for children with ADD, ADHD, Autism or serious neurological disorders are accepted every three months. For more information regarding application and screening for this program please contact us.

Drug-free children can build a better future! Happy children mean happier families!