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Discovering Omega 3 Magic — A Health Journey: From Trend to Wisdom

By Lily Lanczi

Who am I?

I have been going to health food stores since I was 18 years old. So I was conscious about and interested in exploring health early on in my life. I have spent the last 20 years in and around the alternative health care industry, first as a sales representative and more recently as a writer.

Initially I learned to recognize what was unhealthy – and over the course of my life, I have increasingly found food that was processed, denatured, and devoid of the nutrients the human body needs to thrive. Now I have a good understanding of what it takes to nourish and care for the human body.

Is Vegetarianism Optimal?

Three years ago, I began to question the wisdom of the vegetarian diet. I had stopped eating red meat 20 years before, convinced that it was bad for me. I was doing a juice fast when a new friend I had met at a market directed me to the book The Maker’s Diet by Jordan Rubin. She said: “Just read it. It will open your eyes.”

I was feeling depleted. I had been following a vegetarian, verging on vegan and raw diet for six months, also incorporating the diet and book Eat Right for your Blood Type by Dr. Peter J D’Adamo .The Maker’s Diet is an introduction to a Paleolithic diet. Rubin claims that this is the way God and the Bible intended for us to eat. In his book, Rubin challenges his readers to cut out grain and nuts for 40 days, focusing on meat, fish, eggs, raw dairy and vegetables.

As I read and began to doubt the wisdom of avoiding animal products and particularly animal fat, I experienced a common inner struggle. I had heard for so many years that red meat was unhealthy, hard to digest, full of growth hormones and antibiotics and therefore not an optimal food choice. Vegetarianism was becoming increasingly popular. Many of my friends, for both health and spiritual reasons had stopped eating meat. Vegetarianism was not only becoming my goal, it was becoming my bible. I love animals and want to be kind to them. Yet, for all my efforts and willpower, I was not feeling great. I found that I was often hungry and cold. And I had always loved eating meat. So, in the midst of this dilemma, I was open to hearing about a new approach.

Well, I accepted Rubin’s challenge. I also started drinking raw milk. I had been struggling with indigestion whenever I ate grains with gluten, especially wheat. And indigestion is no fun at all. After 40 days of following Rubin’s diet and cutting out all grain, I felt wonderful! My indigestion was gone and as I was digesting and assimilating my food better, I had much more energy.

Around the same time, I was introduced to the Weston A. Price Foundation. Weston A. Price was a dentist from Cleveland, Ohio, known primarily for his theories on the relationship between nutrition, dental health, and physical health. His book, Nutritional and Physical Degeneration, describes the fieldwork he did in the 1920s and 1930s among various world cultures. He found that non-Western groups showed increases in typical Western diseases as they abandoned indigenous diets and adopted Western patterns of living. He concluded that Western methods of commercially preparing and storing foods were stripping away vitamins and minerals necessary to keep the body healthy and to prevent disease.

Price perceived that the way for humans to properly nourish themselves is to eat mostly nutrient-dense foods, particularly animal foods, from animals raised on mineral-rich soil, including organ meats and milk products. For more information on the Weston A. Price Foundation, please visit:

Although I am not a nutritionist, I have a wealth of knowledge, experience and intuition. I will likely never be someone who believes I have no more to learn. Nevertheless, I am not often blown away by something new anymore. Well, this past weekend I was blown away. As you have probably already guessed from my quest for optimal health, I am a truth seeker.

As our body receives less and less nutrients needed to build and repair our cells, we become sicker and sicker. And sadly we bring children into the toxic jungle we’re creating. What I do not understand is how most people can turn a blind eye to signs that are absolutely unmistakable. A growing number of the children I see in public places are overweight, have visible rashes or eczema, behave inappropriately and are miserable.

I was a student of Native American Medicine Wheel teachings for a number of years and took a vow to: “Never cross the children’s fire”. I have come to understand this to mean that I commit to never intending to harm a child – or the child in us all. Yet, when we do not give our children the nourishment they need, are we not crossing the children’s fire in the most elemental way?

What Causes Autism?

Out of this breakdown of our food system, we are birthing children who struggle from the moment they are born. Our environment is toxic, mothers often have no clue how to eat optimally during pregnancy, and babies are often not breast fed (breast milk is 30% Omega 3) and are vaccinated a number of times in their first year of life. I believe this combination of factors contributes to the onset of autism and autism spectrum disorders (ASDs).

I am not alone. Jaquelyn McCandless, MD in her book Children With Starving Brains – A Medical Treatment Guide For Autism Spectrum Disorder says:

“The environmental insults that trigger the damage can occur before birth while the fetus is still developing, during infancy, or while the child is a toddler. Whatever the timing, those environmental insults overburden undeveloped or just developing immune systems, often causing the children’s immune systems to turn against their own bodies.”

McCandless believes that is a causal relationship between environmental insults and many autoimmune diseases. She goes on to say that this is a manifold problem:

“There are many theories regarding the exact identity and mechanism of the environmental insults that trigger the cascade of physical, mental, and emotional dysfunctions which result in the starvation of a child’s brain… there is strong evidence incriminating not one, but several toxins and mechanisms of entry as primary villains behind the damage suffered by many of our children.”

What is Omega 3 Magic?

I connected with Auum Director Cheryl Millett on Linked In as if by accident. Yet I do not believe there are any accidents. Nevertheless, I had no idea what our association would be. When we had a long telephone conversation and she introduced me to Auum and their mammalian source I was intrigued. When I went to an Auum Conference a couple of weeks later, I was captivated. The presentations were excellent.

Most of us health food enthusiasts recognize the importance of healthy oils in our diets. However this was the first time I had heard about a source of oil, with the clinical research to back it, that has a chemical structure most similar to the human body, and that can be assimilated almost immediately, particularly in a sublingual form. Omega 3’s are absorbed sublingually into the bloodstream quickly and it is not at all uncommon to see positive results within days or even, as in my case, hours.

I was surprised to learn that Omega 3, which the body cannot produce, is necessary for both replenishing the cells with nutrients and also for the crucial job, all the more necessary in a toxic environment where our foods are becoming increasingly contaminated, of helping the cells remove toxins. A lack of Omega 3 reduces the ability of the cells to efficiently perform their function, leading to nutrient starvation and chronic illness.

Omega 3 is important for the regulation of inflammation, pain, swelling, blood pressure, heart function, gastrointestinal function and secretion, kidney function and fluid balance, blood clotting and platelet aggregation, allergic response, nerve transmission, steroid production and hormone synthesis. A deficiency of Omega 3 will lead to dysfunction of these vital bodily activities.

Most health practitioners I know of recommend fish oil as a source of both Omega 3 and Omega 6. I was surprised to learn that the Omega 6 in fish oils is far greater than the Omega 3 and that this can be detrimental if one is not getting enough Omega 3 because it creates an even greater imbalance.

Then there is the other nutrient that there has been so much hype about recently: Vitamin D. I also found out that the vitamin Ds, particularly mammalian sourced D3, is the most bioavailable form after direct exposure to sunlight, which the majority of us do not get enough of.

I started taking the oil the day after the conference. I had cleaned out a friend’s attic the week before and must have pulled a muscle because I had a lot of achy pain on my right leg travelling from my knee to my hip – and it was not getting any better. I was thinking that something must be out of place and was considering going to a chiropractor. The first dose of the oil alleviated the pain considerably, much to my relief. I took the 3 recommended doses that day. By the next day the pain was gone – and by a couple of days later, the pain seemed like a distant memory!

My guess is that the pain was due to inflammation and that the oil helped my body clear out the toxins causing it – almost right away. I consider this to be one of nature’s amazing acts of magic!

Does Omega 3 Magic Help Children?

To summarize, Omega 3 is a necessary building block that helps children grow up with optimal health. I have heard and read many stories of miraculous improvements in adults with chronic illnesses or small and pains like my own, in children with ASDs and other autoimmune diseases, and also in pets.

I was honoured to meet the owner, director and associates of Auum. They are people who are committed to making a difference and helping others, particularly children. I am excited to work alongside them.

Would you not help a child if you were in a position to? Please help us spread the word.

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