Auum 4 Autism

Thanks to Auum, the Balanced Heart Mission ensures that Autistic children are provided with either Sublingual-D or D3A.

We are looking to help as many children labeled with Autism to see the direct benefits of supplementing with Auum Sublingual-D or D3A by having first-hand results while taking the product. Simply by filling in a questionnaire and agreeing to participate in a follow-up after 3 weeks, the Balanced Heart Mission will provide your Autistic child with a bottle of Sublingual-D or D3A free of charge.

After that first bottle, the BHM can set your Autistic child up with a special program for Autistic children where they can receive 2 bottles of Auum products shipped to them monthly for $60.00 or if they pick it up from a designated coordinator (currently only in Toronto, Ontario or Brantford, Ontario), the family would receive 2 bottles for $50.00.

For the parents who want the product as well (which we highly recommend), they can sign up for the regular MMP prices by contacting us at

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