Auum Essential D3A has great results with kids diagnosed with Autism


Autistic kids and Speech:

In our follow up, there were basically 2 groups of children who were given Auum Essential D3A by their parents. First, the non-verbal children who didn’t smile or even react much to their parents or their requests.

Upon being given the omega 3 product, initially, their parents commented that the children were happy & smiling, in some cases running to hug them when they arrived at school to pick them up (when previously they had never responded to their mom’s presence or calls). Then many reported that their children were singing – one child could sing all the words to Happy Birthday although he didn’t otherwise speak spontaneously. They then progressed to trying to say words and eventually speaking in sentences.

Secondly, were those children who could parrot single words, but did not use their words spontaneously nor in the proper context. Example, they could repeat the word mom or their siblings names, but never called out “MOM” spontaneously.

Some children, with their first dosage of Auum oil, used these and other words spontaneously and in the proper context.  Soon they were using 2 or 3 words together and over the months they progressed to using multiple sentences.

Auum omega 3 products are a complete natural source of all three bioactive omegas, EPA, DHA and DPA.

Auum omegas help to support the development of brain, eyes and nerves.

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