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The Balanced Heart Mission
“The Balanced Heart Mission helps kids”

Today’s children are being diagnosed with Attention Deficit (Hyperactivity) Disorder at alarming rates. Likewise diagnosis of Autism diagnoses is rapidly growing and is now estimated at 1 in every 88 children.

We acknowledge that caring for such children can often impact the entire family both in a financial way as well as being a constant energy drain including sleep depravation that affects the overall family dynamics. Many of these parents face the dilemma of keeping their children in school without the use of prescription drugs.

Extreme financial limitations restrict parents, often single moms, in their choices to provide for the special needs of these gifted children.

The Balanced Heart Mission reaches out to such children to provide them with Auum Omega 3 supplements at a subsidized rate or even at no cost (if their situation warrants). Auum4Autism is one such program now in place.

A limited number of applications for these programs for children with ADD, ADHD, Autism or serious neurological disorders are accepted every three months. For more information regarding application and screening for this program please contact us.

Drug-free children can build a better future! Happy children mean happier families!

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  • Shamalie Gunewardena says:

    I am so happy this product help my son so much.Especially because it is drug free.I hope that I can continue with it for him,but because family finance problems I might not be able to continue with it. I hope that I can get some help to be able get this product for my son free or @ a reduce cost

  • Rose-Anne Partridge says:

    We’re happy to help you out Shamalie! Keep us posted on the continued progress of your son 🙂

  • Brandi says:

    My mom met a rep at the Royal fair and has given me your website info to try and help with my son. I have not had him to the Dr but his teacher is concerned about his behaviour and feels as though there may be some sort of impulsive disorder. Could you please give me more info as to what is in the pills and how I can order some.
    Thank you

  • Lillie Hughes says:

    Our capsules contain mammalian omega 3 along with vitamin D3. I would suggest that you look into Auum unique sublingual products which contain the same ingredients, as results are seen much more quickly when taken sublingually. Our liquid omega 3s are all designed for use sublingually and work well for children, as most do not swallow capsules well. I will be glad to get some product out to you for your son.

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